Online Order - Technical Issues Update

We are currently experiencing some technical difficulties with our online order system. We are working to quickly resolve this, but for our registered users who wish to place an online order, please select the "pay with cash" option at the checkout and leave us a message in the comment section to let us know if our drivers require a card machine (should you prefer to pay by card). 

Alternatively, please call the restaurant on 020 8989 4028 to speak with a member of staff for assistance.

Thank you for your patience and we look forward to receiving your order soon!



The Star of India, Leytonstone, takes pride in being able to invite its customers to special events and charity fund raisers.

Here you find out the latest news about the Star of India and some of our events, past and upcoming.

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Tiffin Experience



The next time you order with us, why not try our tiffin experience. This includes four sample dishes, this can be four curries, two curries and two sides, two curries, a bread and a rice - the choice is yours and the combinations are endless. 


While these dishes are smaller portions, you are able to try a variety of dishes together or have all of your favourite curries at the same time. 


As part of the tiffin you can also choose from a 100ml Ben & Jerries tub or one of our warm desserts.


When you order a tiffin for delivery or takeaway, it comes in a special tiffin rack - as pictured to the left. This is delivered in a thermal flask to keep the tiffin warm. After your meal, you can choose to return these with your next order - or keep them for the next tiffin you order from us! 


Exclusions apply. signature and special dishes, tandoori mixed grills, tandoori chicken and shashlicks not included.