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During the year, we host a number of events that might be of interest to you, your friends & family. Gin & wine tasting, live bands and performances and a number of discounts and free dishes that are on offer from week to week and during different seasons. The best way to be kept informed of these and what’s going on in the locality is by signing up to our mailing list HERE


The Star of India, Leytonstone, takes pride in being able to invite its customers to special events and charity fund raisers.

Here you find out the latest news about the Star of India and some of our events, past and upcoming.

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Container Return Scheme
Star of India Container Return Scheme

Take part in our return scheme for our take-away plastic containers. 

Every take-away container and lid (together) can be returned to us in exchange for 5p. 

At the Star we already recycle over 50% of our waste, and our plastic bags disintegrate within 6 months of being thrown away. 

The return scheme is another example of how we are trying to do our part for the environment. 

Containers can be given to our drivers (as they make a delivery to you) or can be brought directly to our restaurant.